Susannah Relfe

b. 1779-1786 (app)
bap. 04/06/1780 Heathfield, Sussex
d. 15/05/1853 West Street, Saint Clement, All Saints Hastings, THE HASTINGS UNION, Sussex
bur. 19/05/1853 St Clements Hastings, Sussex


Thomas Relf bur. 04/04/1792
Hannah Jerman d. 16/02/1843
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m. 06/06/1802
Richard Vitler Burwash, Sussex d. 23/02/1854


bap. 17/11/1799 Richard Vidler Relf
bap. 10/10/1802 Thomas Vetler
bap. 10/02/1804 George Vitler
bap. 26/01/1806 Hannah Vidler
bap. 10/01/1808 Henry Vidler
bap. 22/09/1809 Wm Vidler
bap. 24/02/1811 Mary Ann Vidler
bap. 26/02/1813 Samuel Vidler Castle Parish (at baptism)
bap. 20/01/1815 John Vidler St Mary's Castle (at baptism)
bap. 11/10/1816 Barbara Vidler St Mary's in the Castle (at baptism)
bap. 04/11/1818 James Vidler All Sts (at baptism)
bap. 13/12/1820 Frances Vidler d. 27/08/1878
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1791 Singlewoman
1853 Wife

Also known as

Su...nna Vidler, Susan Vidler, Susanna Relf, Susanna Vidler, Susannah Vetler, Susannah Vitler

Did You Know?

  • On 19 Nov 1799 Richard Vidler appeared before two Justices of the Peace and acknowledged himself to be the reputed father of Susannah Relfe's male bastard child, presumably Richard Vidler Relf. He was ordered to pay two shillings weekly to the Church-Wardens and Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Mayfield for the child's maintenance. (ESRO PAR. 422/34/2/23)
  • Shortly before the birth of her bastard son Richard Vidler Relf in 1799 an order was issued to remove Susannah Relfe from Heathfield to Mayfield, even though she was baptised in Heathfield. However, right of settlement could also result from employment in a parish.

Documentary Sources

Source: PAR 372/32/3/30
East Sussex Record Office


04/06/1780 Church, Heathfield, Sussex
30/09/1791 Heathfield, Hailsham, Sussex
30/09/1791 Mayfield, Sussex
17/11/1799 Church, Mayfield, Sussex
06/06/1802 Church, Burwash, Sussex
06/06/1802 Sussex
10/10/1802 Church, Burwash, Sussex
10/02/1804 Church, Burwash, Sussex
26/01/1806 [Church], St Clements Hastings
10/01/1808 [Church], St Clements Hastings
22/09/1809 [Church], St Clements Hastings
24/02/1811 [Church], St Clements Hastings
26/02/1813 [Church], St Clements Hastings
20/01/1815 [Church], St Clements Hastings
11/10/1816 [Church], St Clements Hastings
04/11/1818 Church, All Sts Hastings, Sussex
13/12/1820 Church, All Sts Hastings, Sussex
15/05/1853 West Street, Saint Clement, All Saints Hastings, THE HASTINGS UNION, Sussex
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