Ann Phillips

b. 1784 (app)
Hastings All Saints/Sussex Hastings
bap. 06/07/1783 St Clement, Hastings, Sussex
d. 31/03/1866 Union Workhouse Ore, Ore, Hastings, Sussex


John Phillips
Ann Phillips
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m. 12/06/1805
Thos Coppard St Clements, Hastings, Sussex


bap. 31/03/1824 William Copper All Saints (at baptism)
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1861 formerly Fishermans Wife
1866 Widow

Also known as

Ann Coppard, Anne Coppard, Anne Copper

Did You Know?

  • John Phillips and Thomas Copper died together when the mackerel boat the Three Brothers was lost at sea in February 1841. John and Thomas may have been related by marriage: Thomas's wife was Ann Phillips.
  • One of the crew lost in the sinking of the Three Brothers in 1841 alongside John Phillips and William Copper the son of Ann Phillips was reported in one newspaper as Ed. Bumsted (the others give his surname as Breandens). A Thomas Phillips married an Ann Bumstead at All Saints, Hastings in 1817.

Documentary Sources

26Feb1841: Letter from Captain George Hope, Right Hon. J.Planta and Mr.Breach, believed all from Weymouth, reference the loss of 6 fishermen in a storm on 6 February 1841. William Coppard left a widow and 2 children out of a family of 7 depending on her support. Cottage rental £10. Granted £10 to pay the rent. John Philip left a widow and 2 children out of a family of 6 depending on her support. Cottage rental £8. Granted £8 to pay the rent. The other 4 fishermen were unmarried but contributed to some degree in support of relatives. Granted £1 each to the families of the four.

Source: Transcript of minutes, provided by the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society and reproduced here with their kind permission.
Source: Sussex Agricultural Express, March 13 1841, page 5, column 1
East Sussex Record Office


06/07/1783 [Church], St Clements Hastings
12/06/1805 St Clements, Hastings, Sussex
12/06/1805 [Church], St Clements Hastings
31/03/1824 Church, All Sts Hastings, Sussex
07/04/1861 4 Bourne Street, All Saints, Chichester, Hastings, Sussex
31/03/1866 Union Workhouse, Ore, Ore RD, HASTINGS, Hastings & East Sussex
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