Lucy Ann Phillips

b. 1844 (app)
Hastings Sussex/Sussex Hastings
bap. 20/03/1844 All Saints Hastings, Sussex


John Phillips d. 12/07/1882
Frances Vidler d. 27/08/1878
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William Edwd French


1851 Scholar
1861 At home
1881 Gardener's Wife

Also known as

Lucy Ann French, Lucy French, Lucy Phillips


20/03/1844 Church, All Sts Hastings, Sussex
30/03/1851 1 Woods Passage, All Saints, Hastings, Sussex
07/04/1861 1 Woods Passage, All Saints, Hastings, Sussex
27/08/1878 8 Hughenden Road Ore, Ore, HASTINGS, Sussex
03/04/1881 8 Hughenden Road, ??, ??, Hastings, Sussex
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